Privacy Policy



1. Purpose and Scope of Clarification Text 

Remak USA, we take precautions to protect your personal data in the scope of Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698 (“PDPL”). We process your personal data with the reasons and methods explained below in the scope of legislations related to PDPL and the capacity of “data supervisor”. 

Clarification Text About Personal Data Processed by Remak USA Şirketi (“Clarification Text”) is prepared to inform you perspicuously about identity of data supervisor, collection method of personal data and legal ground, processing purpose of said data and to whom and with which purpose to be transferred according to the article 10 of PDPL titled “Clarification Liability of Data Supervisor” and about your rights mentioned in article 11 pf PDPL. The explanations presented for your personal data in the Clarification Text include your private personal data. 

2. Data Supervisor 

Data Supervisor: Remak USA

Address: 4313 GB 75. Cadde Miami Florida 33155 US
(Hereinafter to be stated as “Company” in the scope of this Clarification Text) 

2. Collection Method of Personal Data and Legal Ground
Your personal data is processed for purposes in the title of “Your Personal Data Processed and Purpose of Processing” and for fulfilling the clear consent condition under section 1 of article 5 of PDPL and for obligatory aspects to enable the data supervisor to fulfil the legal liability under section 2 of article 5 of PDPL and for obligatort data processing to constitute, use or protect any right and to present legitimate benefits of data supervisor provided that it does not give harm to fundamental rights and freedoms of the related person. 

3. Your Personal Data Processed

Your personal data is processed safely according to PDPL. In this scope, the data mentioned in the table is collected as personal data. 
Personal Data Class
Identity Data
It is the data category including identity information of the related person. (For example: Name Surname)
Contact Data
It is the data category to get in contact with the related person. (For example: Phone number, E-mail address)

4. Processing Purpose of Your Personal Data Collected

Your personal data is collected by the company in accordance with the legislation and essential principles which are determined by Council of Personal Data Protection.
Your personal data is processed in order for reasons specified below;
To confirm your identity information,
To save your address and other information for contact,
To do researches for periodic campaign,
To carry out activities of marketing regarding products and services,
To realize communications intended for promotion and information,
To collect, compile and analyze statistical information,
To increase your satisfaction in regard to our products and services,
To evaluate your complaints and suggestions in relation to our services,
To offer suggestions to you by contracted institutions and solution partners,
To make market research, promotion and necessary notifications related to our services.

5. Personal Data Sharing

In accordance with PDPL and the relevant legislation, your personal data can be transferred to our business partners, our suppliers, our auditors, third persons we received service, other official institutions such as authorized public enterprises, court and enforcement directorates and other public bodies or associations authorized to request your personal data by ensuring that all necessary technical and administrative precautions are taken to provide the appropriate level of security within framework of conditions and purposes of personal data processing specified in Article 8 of PDPL.

6. Duration of Data Processing and Duration of Storage

Your personal data shall be processed by way of complying with duration of data processing and lapse of time which is included in all the relevant laws and other legal legislation to which the company is subject, with limitation of the purposes specified in this clarification text. In case of amendment related to duration of data processing in the laws, new duration shall be taken as basis.

Your personal data is processed as limited to the time required for processing according to company’s practices within fulfillment of purposes explained in this Clarification Text in any case within the legal deadlines as a requirement of the purpose-limitation principle and these are deleted, destroyed or anonymized with expiration. If you would like to get detailed information on storage duration of your personal data, you can contact us from addresses in section of the relevant person’s rights or you can access storage duration through the Data Controllers Registry where our institution is registered.

7. Use of Rights by the Relevant Person

The relevant person shall be able to use the rights which is within the scope of Article 11 regulating the rights of the relevant person of PDPL by way of application through conveying in written to the address 4313 GB 75. Cadde Miami Florida 33155 US, via electronic media in accordance with Communique on Procedures and Principles of Application. A more extensive regulation in this respect was performed in Company’s Personal Data Application and Response Procedure and Company’s Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy. You can access to the relevant procedure from our internet site or through making a request to Company.